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How can I get an invoice ?

For wire transfer and credit card payment you will receive an invoice url where you will be able to print the invoice yourself.

Request an invoice:
- In the ordering process you choose to request invoice, and fill in the form.
- After the successful payment, you will get a dedicated link of the invoice printing application. You can open this link in any internet browser, and print your original invoice once.
- The printed invoice will be the only original copy (without a valid signature and seal), accounted for and meet the stringent requirements of invoicing.

The printing process:

  • Make sure that you do not try to repeat the printing process!
  • You will receive the link of the printing application (not the invoice) in e-mail, so if there is no possibility printing after the payment, it can be done later.
  • The original invoice will not be accessable after the first printing attempt!
  • The availability of invoice printing is limited to  7 days from the date of purchase.
  • If the printing failed please submit a support ticket in our contact page.

If wire transfer and credit card payment is selected, the Customer agrees that the Voxinfo Kft. authorizes the Customer to be responsible for the service to print the invoice. Attoreny >>>
In addition, the Customer understands and accepts the terms of the Customer invoicing.