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Company rating

Company rating based on the D&B Credit Check Riport

Company rating reports data are from D & B database from Hungary, with more than 500,000 corporate enterprises registered in Hungary included. The D & B Credit Reports Check the performance measurement business partners, companies risk classification, the maximum recommended credit line to help identify risks. Expert or statistical methods to analyze companies and forecasts the company tested late payment of salaries and the likelihood of disability. Credit Check Report includes the company's core businesses in addition to the latest official data available, or the D & B's balance sheet and income statements collected 3 years previously, and the company's risk assessment, which could easily take fast lending decisions.

The D & B Credit Reports Check the following additional information will makes it special and quality emerged:

D&B Rating

Index number, which the company carries the risk assessment of all relevant information. Two components: capital strength and risk indicators.

D&B Failure Score

International know-how developed on the basis of insolvency prediction model trained pointer.

D&B Paydex Score

International used index number, what shows the partner's payment behavior classification, based on the actual spending pattern collection companies according to the DUN-Trade Program's data.

Negative information

- The court proceeding events, that directly affects the company's functionality: bankruptcy, liquidation, winding-up
- Other court proceedings: judicial enforcement, member exclusion for litigation, insurance measure, shareholder wealth share of the seizure of criminal action, etc.
- Negative events relatex to Tax Number: suspension of tax number, tax number delete
- Published list of arrears with the appearance (by the Nacional Tax Office)
- Belonging to open more than 90 days
- Proposed commercial credit

Content of the Company rating document

Please note that the preparation of the document is independent from the time of the founding of the company. For example, for a recently registered company less information is available for analysis. (eg the time of the foundation upon which the annual balance sheet data contains company rating).

Company rating sample

  • Structure of the document is fixed, but the included data may vary per company.
  • This document is available in english and in german too.

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About the D&B rating system (hungarian) 

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