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Company document types

Document types comparision table

SamplePrice (excl.)FormatDeliveryPayment methodLevel of authenticity

The prices do not include VAT and are valid in case the best method of payment.
Please check the requirments of the accepting organization before ordering a document!

Copy of Register sampleFrom 3 600 HUFElectronic, HTMLEmail, in 1-2 minutesOnline credit card payment3*
E-Signed Copy of Register sampleFrom 4 400 HUFElectronic, ES3Email, in 1-2 minutes Online credit card payment2*
Official copy of company records sample From 4 080 HUFElectronic, HTMLEmail, in 1-2 minutes Online credit card payment3*
Company rating sampleFrom 12 000 HUFElectronic, PDFEmail, in 5 hours (workdays)Online credit card payment3*
Balance sheet sampleFrom 1 664 HUFElectronic, HTML/PDF/XLSEmail, in 1-2 minutes Online credit card payment3*
Business card sampleFrom 1 248 HUFElectronic, HTMLEmail, in 1-2 minutes Online credit card payment 3*

Company document prices

The document prices may vary according to the method of payment. Some document types (balance sheet) also defines the format for the price, and at the same time ordered concatenation in documents, we provide a discount. The exact price of the order, you will always be notified before placing the order and need to start the payment.

Company document formats

You can open the above document types as follows: HTML with internet browser, PDF with Adobe Reader, XLS with Microsoft Excel, and ES3 with Microsec E-Szigno software. You can find more detailed informations in help and in the ordering process.


Electronic documents are available immediately after the successful payment. The Company rating is the only exception, with five hours of lead time. 

Level of authenticity

  • 1 = highest level, which can be provided only on paper,
  • 2 = second level, which we provide electronic authentication,
  • 3 = third level, which we provide from authentic data source.
Please note that currently we can provide the level 2 authentic documents to outside of Hungary, cause the level 1 is only accessable as paper based documents. If you ar interested in this, please submit a ticket in our support page!


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