What is the status?

Company statuses

  • Active: the company works as usual.
  • Liquidation: is registered in the liquidation proceedings.
  • Final settlement: the winding-up procedure is registered.
  • Deleted: the company has been deleted in the registry.
  • Pending: The registration process has started but not completed yet.
  • Non-registered: the registration was not successful.
  • Other: any change in the company's life (home exchange, deleted, renamed, settled end, wound, etc.), this status will be used temporary, till the new is not official.

  • Akítve companies: Active, in liquidation,  Final settlement .
  • Inakítv companies: Deleted, not registered, pending.
  • Changing companies: the Other status means a change what has not been in the company information database.

The status information indicative, for the official current status please order a document!