Balance type selection

In the list on the left there is a list of available balance sheets in Excel, PDF and HTML format dapending on the year.

In ordering please search for your chosen year and select the appropriate balance sheet, or profit and loss statement.

In Excel format we can provide balance sheets for more years in one order, and the documents will be merged into one, with more tabs.

In PDF and HTML format you can order just one document at a time.

You can only select one document type, so for example if you select several Excel sheets, and than one PDF sheet, the previous (Excel) selections will be cleared. If you need balance sheets for many years back, should consider to order the Excel sheets in one order, then the PDF and HTML sheets in separate orders.

  • Select a balance sheet on the left!
  • Search for the year,
  • Then select the subtype: balance sheet, profit and loss statement or additional appendix.

(The format may vary depending on the year)