Balance sheet

Contetnts of a balance sheet

The Excel balance sheet and income statement only caontains the current year's data!

Excel balance sheet merge

Excel balance sheet of a company may be ordered for several years. If you select multiple years, the selected years data will be merged into one file, but as separate tabs.

HTML and PDF balance sheets

The blance sheets before 2008 is available in HTML and PDF format. These formats can be ordered individually (because there is no way to concatenate files).

The balance sheet in PDF and HTML format can be found in the previous years' data (only a year back, not all data from the foundation).

The balance of payments data immediately downloaded and will be sent to you by e-mail.

For more detailed information click on the link below:

Sample balance sheet in new window

  • Format: electronic, XLS, HTML, PDF
  • Delivery: by e-mail, immediately
  • Content: the company's balance sheet for the selected year(s)
  • Authenticity: from authentic source
  • Openable: Excel, browser, Adobe Reader