Company rating

What is the D&B, who performs the company rating?

The D&B, the world's leading business information provider, with more than 166 years of experiance, allows customers to confidently make decisions. The D&B's patented safe DUNSRightTM quality insurance process provides customers with quality information whenever and wherever you need it. This quality information is the foundation of D&B's solutions that customers rely on a risky business decision.

What helps the company rating in

The clients of D & B Risk Management solutions to reduce their risks, accelerate cash flow, and higher profitability, they can achieve a D & B Sales and marketing solutions to enhance new and existing customers from their income, the D & B Supply Management Solutions help and identify the procurement savings can handle the risk and ensure compliance by the suppliers of turn.

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The company rating preparation time is up to five hours.

The completed document is delivered by the D&B Hungary via e-mail to the customer.

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Company rating datails in new window

  • Format: electronic, PDF
  • Delivery: by email, in 5 hours
  • Content: the company's current business performance, risk rating, its financial information according to the D&B rating system
  • Openable: Adobe Reader

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