Official copy of company records

What is the content of an Official copy of company records?

The Official copy of company records contains the selected company's entire history, so it is not a snapshot but a full story.

For example, if you want to know about a prospective supplier if it have a stable financial, ownership status, you may want to assign this document type, because this will contain all of the changes in ownership structure, possibly a liquidation launched several years ago, or winding-up procedures. With the help of this document you can see not just how good is your partner now, but also that if it was in the past or not.

For more detailed information click on the link below you will find:

Sample official copy of company records in new window

  • Format: electronic, HTML
  • Delivery: by e-mail, immediately
  • Content: details of the company records backwards to the date of founding
  • Authenticity: from authentic source
  • Openable: by browser software