Choose a document type

Please ask the requiring institution what document type they accept

Please, ask the requiring istitution before You place and order to ensure, that the document will fit they expectations. For example most banks accepts the E-Signed Copy of Register in Hungary, but this is not true for all countries.

Can You open the document?

The electronic documents are in HTML, PDF, es3 and Excel format. To open this types You will need an internet browser, Adobe Reader, Microsec E-szigno software or Microsoft Excel. From this list only the Excel is not a free software. You will need to install this softwares in You computer - if it's not installet yet - so You may need some help from an it professional. Unfortunately we can not give support in installing or troubleshooting this softwares.

Will the document arrive in time?

The electronic documents will be shipped immediately after the successful payment. The Official copy of company records will be shipped in 5 hours by e-mail. The Public certified documents will be delivered by post or by a carrier. We start the delivery of this documents in the same day from Monday to Thursday if the payment is successful till 12.00.

  • In Budapest and its surroundings on the day the order is delivered by courier (additional shipping fee, which visualize the order).
  • In Hungary priority mail delivery the next working day will arrive in the document (in the postage take over).
  • If the payment is successful after Thursday 12 hours, the delivery will only start in Monday of next week.

Preserve the credibility

To keep the credibility of the documents, please do not change the document. For example, your e-certified copy of register is only authentic in their original form. You can send it as an attachement of e-mail or on an USB flashdrive, but by printing it completely loses its credibility.

Open the below link for more detailed information:

Document type comparision

  • You will receive the electronic documents by e-mail.
  • The public certified documents will be shipped by post.
  • Please find more details about the documents in the help.

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